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Columbia University Ballet Ensemble (CUBE)

Columbia University Ballet Ensemble (CUBE) is a student-run ballet company dedicated to providing students of Columbia University’s undergraduate colleges and affiliates the unique opportunity to dance a full-length classical story ballet. CUBE was founded in 2013 to fill the missing niche at Columbia University as the only dance group on campus solely dedicated to classical ballet. Since then, CUBE has grown into the largest ballet group on campus with more than 50 members ranging from beginners to former professional dancers. Offering roles for every level of experience, CUBE aims to foster a healthy, supportive, and inclusive community while simultaneously providing students the chance to further their dance education through performance.

  • One audition in the beginning of each semester

  • One performance at the end of each semester

  • Opportunities to help backstage/tech nearing the performance

Instagram: @cuballetensemble

Facebook: @CUBalletEnsmble


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