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October 20-21, 2023
Minor Latham Playhouse

Fall 2023

Lemon Water

Lemon Water is an original musical written and composed by Daniella Sapone.

I wrote Lemon Water as a response to the question, "What is the story only you can tell?"
This is a story about silence-both as a choice and as an imposition. Stories like this one often go by unheard, especially in the theatre. There have been few musicals that feature, let alone center, a disabled character that is complex, well-rounded, and has a story both because of, and beyond, their disability. These stories matter. This story matters. It's a story about stuttering. And it's a story about feeling alone, different, happy, excited, free, and silenced.
By virtue of sitting in this audience, and reading these words, you are recognizing the importance of telling stories like this one. This is the story only I could tell, but the beautiful thing about that prompt is that it is applicable to everyone. The next time you meet someone who is different from you, assume that there is a story that matters bubbling just below the surface.
I would like to thank my cast, team, and orchestra for being so incredible throughout this process. Thank you to Maggie Broyles for working so closely with me on this project. Thank you to my parents and siblings for trusting me with this story. A special thank you to Colleen O'Conner, who asked me
"What is the story only you can tell?" You changed my life.

Production Team

Assistant Producer -- Charlotte Hart, Olivia Kuan-Romano
Assistant Stage Manager -- Emmanuelle Stith
Assistant Music Director -- Dallin Attwooll
Lighting Design -- Ziggy Kneile
Costume Design -- Theo Sandler
Sound Design -- Matthew Kang
A2 -- Samuel Henkin
A2 -- Sophia Ling
Photographer -- Olivia Kuan-Romano

Creative Team

BOOK, MUSIC, AND LYRICS by Daniella Sapone
DIRECTED by Jerry Dixon
PRODUCED by Evan Sacks and Maggie Broyles
CO-WRITTEN by Maggie Broyles
CHOREOGRAPHY by Bailey Stephen
ORCHESTRATIONS by Terry Foley, James Pecore, Joey O'Neill
INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC DIRECTION by Eliza Heath, Fanglin Yan, Terry Foley
VOCAL DIRECTION by Eliza Heath, Daniella Sapone, Dallin Attwooll
STAGE MANAGMENED by Izavella Lizarazo, Ida Gutierrez

Poster Art by Monica Sapone


Isa -- Daniella Sapone
Mia -- Maya Debnath
Miss Nolan -- Dunia Sarkis
Ramona -- Merritt Madison
James -- Thomas Doyle
Ms. Miller/Waitress -- Erin Hilgartner
Will -- Rayan Ali

Photos by Olivia Kuan-Romano
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