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Columbia Circus Collective

Columbia Circus Collective is a community of performers interested in the Circus arts. We train several disciplines, including acrobatics, aerials, hula hooping, contortion, juggling, and many more!

Many students join Circus with prior experience in dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, and contortion! Members of the Circus Collective range widely in experience from total beginners to professionals, and we welcome any and all interested BC/CU students to join! We are dedicated to cultivating a fun, supportive community of student-artists who share an interest in Circus <3

  • Circus hosts weekly circus training sessions, which are open to all students. Typically, following a warmup and stretching sequence, the first hour is spent focusing on a specific discipline/skill, and the second hour is an open gym-style practice session for members to further train a particular skill/discipline or to learn from more experienced members. We recommend that you arrive in comfortable clothing that you can move and sweat in!

  • Circus holds occasional strength training sessions in Dodge Fitness Center to help members to further develop the strength required to improve their Circus abilities.

  • Circus produces a semesterly Cabaret* to showcase members' talents, a historically sold out event highly-anticipated by the Columbia community. We welcome all members to participate in the opening/closing acts, and many experienced members also opt to perform a solo act. (*There will be no Spring 2023 Cabaret.)

  • Circus hosts workshops open to the Columbia community that focus on a particular discipline.

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