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The CUPAL Special Project is an interdisciplinary production produced every semester in the Glicker-Milstein Theater. The Special Project is designed to give space and funding to more students and realize their visions during the semester. These productions may include, but are not limited to: theatrical, musical, or dance performances, workshops and educational events, multimedia projects, festivals, and galas. 


While the criteria for a Special Project are deliberately loose in order to allow for individual creativity, CUPAL maintains the following preferences in keeping with its mission and objectives: 


  • Performing arts endeavors resulting in a performance or public presentation

  • Projects which are original in text and/or concept

  • Productions that are appropriate for the Glicker-Milstein Theater or that have obtained their own alternate performance space

  • Workshop-style processes

  • Projects capable of raising additional needed funds (CUPAL limits the production to $1000)

  • Projects that do not fall under the domains of established CUPAL performing arts organizations

  • Projects that involve Columbia students and/or alumni

  • Projects that are at least 45 minutes in length

Note: The Special project is a part of CUPAL, not an independent production. By submitting an application, you acknowledge and agree to CUPAL's policies and limits as a student organization. All revenues collected from the Special Project will go to CUPAL.

Applications for the Special Project are closed at this time. The application period takes place in August for the Fall Special Project, and in December for the Spring Special Project. Please follow our social media and mailing list for updates on the application process.

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