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Columbia SHARP

Officially founded on October 16, 2011, SHARP is Columbia University’s newest all male a Cappella group. Created through a process of recruitment and pure faith in the talent on Columbia’s campus, in just two semesters SHARP grew from two sophomores with a vision to a full-fledged performance group consisting of 14 extraordinarily talented guys; since then, we've only thrived more. We are a group that prides itself on a commitment to producing outstanding musical experiences for audiences both on and off Columbia's campus through writing and creating arrangements of popular soul, R&B, and Top 40 hits; the singers of SHARP are also enthusiastic performers of classic pop and Motown. SHARP consists of singers with all types of musical experience: ranging from those with none to classical pianists, theatre performers, and songwriters. The group's firm commitment to maintaining a musically-inclusive environment while simultaneously producing quality performance experiences for audiences sets SHARP apart from any other a Cappella ensemble on campus.


SHARP performs multiple concerts every semester and frequently releases its own recordings and music videos. SHARP also performs at regional, national, and international competitions.

All a cappella groups audition and interview on the same nights during the first week of every semester. Please watch the CUPAL website for updates and the final schedule

Instagram @columbiasharp

YouTube @columbiasharp

Columbia SHARP on Spotify


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