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Columbia University Lion Dance

Columbia University Lion Dance (CULD) is a student-run group founded in the Fall of 2000. Lion dance is a traditional ritual and performing art originating from China. Two people don a colorful lion costume, with one person playing as the head and the other as the tail, and they're accompanied by loud percussive instruments. This lion is a mythical creature from Chinese tradition, symbolic of courage, strength, and wisdom. During a performance, the lion chases away evil spirits with its sharp horn, reflective mirror, and strong kung fu movements, bringing good luck, long life, and prosperity to all present.

We are open to all, and no experience is necessary! We will teach you everything from techniques and tricks to history and customs, and we provide all equipment. We perform all over New York City as well as at Columbia for all sorts of occasions: campus events, corporate events, charity events, weddings, birthday parties, Chinese New Year events, you name it! We practice hard, have fun, and we bring you a slice of traditional Chinese culture.


Columbia University Lion Dance is involved in a wide array of performances throughout the semester. A majority of these performances occur during Lunar New Year, but we also do shows outside of that time period. Specific performances vary year to year, and our club members are able to choose how many and which shows they want to perform for. Some examples of past performances include a wedding show on a yacht, a boarding school in Connecticut, and inside office buildings like Google!

Instagram: @cu_liondance

Youtube: @ColumbiaLionDance


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