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CU Generation

Columbia University (CU) Generation is a collegiate dance team founded in 2010. With its roots in Asian culture and K-pop, the group has since evolved to encompass a wide range of choreography, culture, and music. CU Generation aims to help promote the street dance community and provide a shared, inclusive space for its members to grow and support one another.

  • CU Gen rehearses every Sunday and Tuesday evenings. We also aim not to be solely a dance team but a community! For our current members, we host monthly bonding events, photoshoots, a choreography Videoshoot (only fall semester), and other fun social events.

  • Concerning performances, CU Generation traditionally performs at recurring events hosted on campus specific to each semester. In the fall, we perform at Chinese Student Club's Night Market, NSOP showcase, Asian American Alliance's Culture Shock, and Basketball Mania. In the spring, we perform at GlassHouseRocks, CSC's Lunar Gala, our yearly CU Genesis Showcase, along with other street dance group showcases we may be invited to participate in. Our involvement in performances, aside from our showcase, will depend on which events are being hosted, scheduling, and invitations.

  • Beyond performing, we also host monthly dance workshops open to any CUID holder. These workshops welcome dancers from all levels and backgrounds.

instagram: @cugeneration



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