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Onyx Hip-Hop Dance Troupe

Onyx Dance Troupe’s purpose is to maintain a pre-professional dance troupe whose main focus is to train and facilitate members’ connection with the greater NYC dance community. As a troupe our goal is to grow together and ultimately, as individuals, strive to grow as dancers and artists through steadily taking classes, performing, auditioning, learning new techniques, and creating networks with choreographers and dancers already in the professional dance world. In addition to linking members with the greater NYC dance community, we most importantly intend to expose and connect Columbia students, through many performances and events, to new and exciting styles of urban dance. As a group of students brought together by our love for dance, we aim to empower women and femme-identifying non-binary people through dance and build a supportive creative community for us at Columbia. The team environment that we cultivate champions leadership, diversity, community and teamwork, skills that prepare our dancers well for success beyond the walls of the studio. Our primary goal is to use our skills as dancers to inspire people on and off campus to embrace their individuality, beauty, and power. Manifestations of this objective include collaboration with community service organizations, the leading of workshops open to the Columbia community, and the execution of our popular and exhilarating annual spring showcase.


Onyx performs various times throughout the year. In the fall semester, Onyx performs at events like Night Market, African Thanksgiving, and Kwanzaa Ball. In the spring semester, Onyx performs at a variety of different school events including Glass House Rocks. The spring semester is also dedicated to preparing for our annual Spring Showcase performed in Lerner Hall.

Instagram: @onyx_cu


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