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Pizmon is the co-ed, pluralistic, Jewish a cappella group of Columbia University, Barnard College, and the Albert A. List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. We strive to spread our love of Jewish music, ritual, and culture to Jewish communities of all denominations around the world.

As a pluralistic group, we have members originating from a variety of Jewish backgrounds. In that pursuit of pluralism, we immerse ourselves in new and unfamiliar modes of thought and ritual practice, ensuring that our members’ needs are met while engaging in meaningful exploration. Informed by our identity as Jews and through our love of music, we aim to enhance the religious experiences of Jewish communities and inspire their members.


During a typical academic year, Pizmon will perform for more than fifty audiences ranging from Jewish day schools to homes for the elderly to entire synagogue communities. Pizmon continually strives to have a community-wide impact, and we gladly perform at any and all public community events and venues. These include, but are not limited to: Jewish day schools, homes for the elderly, synagogues, and Jewish community centers.

We travel to diverse Jewish communities for weekends during which we fully immerse ourselves in their Jewish life. These weekends fund our annual Musical Outreach Initiative, a spring break trip in which we are able to visit communities normally out of our reach during the school year. In these communities, we lead services, perform concerts, engage in community service-oriented work, and sing with residents of assisted living facilities, schools, and congregations.

All a cappella groups audition on the same nights during the first week of every semester. Please watch the CUPAL website for updates and the final schedule

Facebook @pizmonnyc


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