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November 18-19, 2022
Glicker-Milstein Theatre

Fall 2022

Camp Cattywampus

Camp Cattywampus follows a group of young teens returning to summer camp after the loss of one of their fellow campers.

Production Team

Lighting Designer -- Olivia Barbieri, Jules Gross
Set Designer -- Lilly Mooney
Props Designer -- Laurel Carpenter
Costume Designer -- Rainier Harris
ASM/Costume Designer -- Sydney Johnson
Assistant Sound Designer -- Olivia Kuan-Romano
Artistic Coordinator -- Is Perlman
Social Media Manager -- Jaella Wengel
Dramaturg -- Alexis Buncich
Wellbeing Coordinator -- Haven Capone

Creative Team

Written and Directed By: Abigail Duclos and Tess Inderbitzen
Producer: Frankie Degiorgio
Stage Manager: Skylar Hudson
Choreographer: Ellie Houlihan
Production Assistant: Maylla Patrick
Production Manager: Ryan Puterbaugh

Poster by Abigail Duclos


Poppy -- Lilly Gasterland-Gustafsson
Olive -- Bella Williams
Noah -- Isabel Beatriz Tongson
Sacha -- Ruth Weaver
Brie -- Jaeden Riley Juarez
Cellist -- Sophia Fanelle

Photos by Judy Goldstein and Olivia Kuan-Romano
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